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J. Timothy Quirk is an artist, free lance writer, a radio broadcaster in northwest Connecticut and an official Ambassador to Little Poland, New Britain, CT (honored 2014)

He is a cartoonist with daily comic strips running in Connecticut and New York.

His arts/entertainment articles and radio program (of the same name) is www.nutmegchatter.com

The Nutmeg Chatter radio program airs Mondays at 3pm on WAPJ 89.9 and 105.1FM which can be found on tunein and on wapj.org

His cartoon work:

The Crayon Diary: 2011 to present in Auburn, NY (formerly called Jurascals) and 2014 to present: Register Citizen, Torrington CT  www.thecrayondiary.com 

Happy Central New York: 2010 to 2017: Skaneateles Journal, Skaneateles, NY  Unfortunately the paper published it’s last edition in May 2017.


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Find him on facebook/jtimothy.quirk

twitter @jtimothyquirk or @nutmegjunction

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